Placement Policies


Placement Policies

Since RKMS has a rolling admission process, applications for new students are always accepted.

The age of entry begins at six months for the Parent-Child Program, two years for the Toddler Program, and three years for the Primary Program. Continuing first and second year students in a Primary classroom will remain in their current class. Due to constraints of licensing agencies, insurance and the public school system, a child’s chronological age is the main gauge used in placement. Upon receipt of an application, families are contacted to schedule a pre-enrollment meeting. This 15 minute meeting is conducted with one of the directresses and the child while parents observe with the Admissions Director through the one way windows into the classroom.The visit is an opportunity for the child to meet one of the teachers and explore a classroom environment. It is also an opportunity for the directress to meet the child. Additionally, it gives parents an opportunity to ask questions, address concerns and expectations, and become better aquainted with RKMS and the Montessori approach to education. It is important for parents to have a thorough understanding of the program in order to determine whether RKMS will be the best environment for their child. A pre-enrollment meeting does not guarantee acceptance into RKMS. For all of our programs, we use information gained from the pre-enrollment meeting, observations, input from teachers, and Summer Program experiences to gather information about each child. Occasionally, additional work and reports from specialists will be required to place the child properly. 

Decisions include factors which take into account the best interests of your child and of the other children in the classroom environment. Our aim is to create classrooms that are balanced in various aspects: age, gender, learning style, etc. The professionally trained Montessori faculty and the administration make the final determination and placement within our programs. 

Special Status Applicants

Since RKMS has a rolling admissions process, applications for new students to the school are always accepted.

All qualifying special status applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Special status will be granted in the following order:

• Students enrolled in a full-day program

• Currently enrolled students who are filtering into another RKMS program (i.e. Toddler to Primary). 

• Prospective students with a sibling currently enrolled at RKMS.

• Prospective students with a sibling who has graduated from RKMS.

•  A Montessori Transfer is given priority to prospective students who attended another Montessori school. 

• Children of Faculty/Staff are granted to the children of current RKMS employees.

• Legacy Status is granted to a child whose parent attended the entire three years of the Primary Program at Ronald Knox.

The administration of RKMS reserves the right to make the final determination for session program placement. Additionally, many factors are considered in making admissions decisions, including:

Children who meet social and emotional expectations as determined by the RKMS Faculty and Staff.

Parents who show a willingness to being informed, involved, and invested in RKMS and the Montessori philosophy.

• Families committed to partnering with teachers and administration, and whose values are aligned with RKMS’s mission.

• A long-term commitment to RKMS.