"Ronald Knox had such a favorable and positive impact on my life while I was there that my husband and I put in an application for our first born while I was still expecting! As of now, two of our daughters have graduated from RKMS, and our third daughter is currently experiencing all the wonders of a Montessori education.  She will complete her third year in spring 2014, and will soon be a graduate too."

- Heidi is a Wilmette resident whose dedication to RKMS spans many years and significant milestones. She attended as a child and has now made Ronald Knox a family tradition.


"When I arrived for my internship, my mentor and I were talking about my experiences as a child at RMKS. Strangely enough, we figured out that I had been at the school during her first year of teaching there.  I was surprised when she asked if I had a sister, and then a couple of days later presented me with a class picture from 1986 and asked if the little girl with the braid was me.  Sure enough it was, after all of those years she had remembered both my sister and me. I have many wonderful memories from my time at Ronald Knox Montessori School and believe that it gave me the foundation for a lifelong passion and love of learning.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of, and give back to this amazing institution and to pass on the legacy of truly child-led education to my daughter.  It is a beautiful gift to watch my child blossom every day under the direction of the inspired and dedicated faculty and staff."

- Jessie is a current directress and an alumnus whose child is currently enrolled at RKMS.


"I love working in a Montessori school because I am given the extraordinary opportunity and privilege of watching a child unfold like a flower and become a confident, self-assured human being with unlimited potential."

         - Stephanie is a current Directress and has been with RKMS for over twenty years.


"It has been almost 30 years since I graduated from RKMS, but I still have vivid memories of my time there and my favorite activities.  The lessons in self-direction and independence that began at RKMS have been valuable to me throughout my life, and I knew I wanted to give my own children that foundation as they started school.  Our two daughters are loving the experience as much as I did, and I look forward to their brother following in their footsteps.  Thank you, RKMS, for continuing such a strong educational tradition for so many years.  I feel blessed to be able to share it with my children."

         - Jennifer is a parent and RKMS alumni.