A Day in the Life - Parent Child


The class begins the moment the parent or caregiver and child walk into the school. The child walks through the door on his own so as to feel a sense of independence. He walks down the stairs and then into the classroom. From there he is greeted at the door by his teacher and sometimes his classmates. He is then supported by his teacher and parent/caregiver to independently remove his coat, shoes, and backpack and put these things away in his cubby.

Now the child is ready for his independent work period. The parents/caregivers sit in observation chairs situated around the classroom and quietly observe and take notes on the works that the children are doing.

The children may choose from any of the “works” in the classroom. The works are set up to help the children develop fine and gross motor skills, independence, cause and effect, and to gather information about the world. At this age, their minds are ripe for receiving information thus making all of their interactions with the world extremely rich.

At this young age, one of the most important works is to develop self-care skills and so a good portion of the class is designated for this kind of work which includes toileting.

There is also an opportunity for the child to make his own snack if he wishes. This is a process that is specifically set up to allow the child to be successful as well as allowing them to begin to organize their work and thoughts. The child will also clean up his snack when he is done.

Another aspect of the class that is equally important is the parent education portion. The lectures are conducted on class days in the RKMS conference room. The children remain in the classroom with an RKMS faculty member while the parents/caregivers attend the lecture with the Parent Child directress. Topics may include toileting, sleeping and eating challenges, discipline, as well as how to support the Montessori philosophy at home. In this way, educators and parents/caregivers can begin to form a tight web of support and independence for the child so that they may enjoy the benefits of the Montessori Method in all areas of their life.