A Day in the Life - Primary

Upon arrival, every child is greeted by the assistant team with a handshake and a morning salutation. Once inside the building, the primary children walk independently to their classrooms, where they are greeted by the Directress. After the children have hung their backpacks and coats in their cubbies, they start the day by washing their hands and then choosing their work independently. This establishes a safe and foundational start to their day at Ronald Knox Montessori School.

The primary children’s classrooms are prepared according to Maria Montessori’s research and philosophy. The Montessori educational philosophy allows children the freedom to develop into the unique individuals they innately are inside. At RKMS we foster and support a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning by offering different areas of focus that meets each child at their “sensitive period” for learning. Sensitive periods, according to Maria Montessori, are times at which a child is most likely to absorb learned information that can be accessed easily throughout their life.

The prepared environments at RKMS give the child the ability to master skills and advance themselves as they feel and show readiness to move forward. The classroom setting offers many different areas of focus. The practical life area gives the child an opportunity to gain the life skills and navigate independently through caring for themselves, their peers, and the environment around them. The sensorial area of the classroom is where children begin to notices differences and similarities that we see, feel, smell, hear, and taste as we classify the world around us. The Mathematics and Language areas give the child the foundational academic exposure that will build upon itself throughout the child’s full cycle in the primary program. Science, geography, and fine arts are the additional areas that foster and support a child’s natural curiosity about the world.

During the independent work cycle the children are able to prepare and serve their own snack. As they maneuver around the classroom they learn how to be gracious and courteous to others. Every primary student also has the opportunity during this time to join other children in the gym for organized gross motor activities. There, the children build skills that utilize their large muscles as well as supporting their small muscle strength. During the week there is a music instructor that comes into the school to present the beginning lessons of musical appreciation. As class time draws towards a close the teacher leads the children in a short group time activity.

Line time is one way that the children work as a community inside their classrooms. Line time transitions into the outdoors and children are invited to play on the school playground and/or visit the neighboring park.   There are also school wide events which broaden the sense of community throughout the school year.

All of the preparation, knowledge and skills of the seasoned staff at RKMS work towards seeing the child as a whole being. This being, your child, is ready and waiting to be seen as someone who is capable, interested, and willing to enjoy the world on a daily basis.