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Letter from the Admissions Director

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Ronald Knox Montessori School.

We are delighted you are considering Ronald Knox and are excited to get to know you and your family.

The best way to begin your journey in discovering how a Montessori education can benefit your child is with a tour of the school. Come see for yourself how Montessori can become a way of life for your child and your entire family.

Please contact me at 847-256-2922, ext. 19 or at to schedule a tour. I look forward to introducing you to our school getting to know you.


Anita McGing

Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Ronald Knox Montessori School

“Education today, in this particular social period, is assuming truly unlimited importance. And the increased emphasis on its practical value can be summed up in one sentence: education is the best weapon for peace”.

[Maria Montessori, Education and Peace, translated by Helen R. Lane]

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The Admissions Process

Learn about our school and the Montessori approach

Schedule a Tour

  • Scheudle a Tour via Calendly
  • Contact our Admissions Director
  • The parent only tour allows parents to concentrate and ask questions

Submit an application


  • An Acceptance letter will be mailed upon availability

Required Documents

  • Records from previous school, if applicable
  • Health form
  • Lead Assessment Questionnaire
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Eye and Dental Exam forms (Kindergarten age children only)

Classroom Placement

  • Classroom placement information is shared in late summer, along with opening of school information

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Admission and Placement Policies

Since Ronald Knox Montessori School has a rolling admission process, applications for new students are always accepted.  Ronald Knox accepts students of any race, sex, color, and national, ethnic, and religious origin. Ronald Knox guarantees the confidentiality of and access to student records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The age of entry begins at six months for the Parent-Child Program, two years for the Toddler Program, and three years for the Primary Program. Continuing first and second year students in a Primary classroom will remain in their current class. Due to constraints of licensing agencies, insurance and the public school system, a child’s chronological age is the main gauge used in placement.

Ronald Knox is committed to educating each child in accordance with the Montessori Philosophy. It is the philosophy and the history of Maria Montessori that supports close observation and careful guidance for each child in our program. New students are admitted on a 6-week probationary basis that begins on their first day of school, after which the child will either be successfully integrated or it will be determined that Ronald Knox is not the best placement. Under certain circumstances, tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis. Students with diagnosed special needs follow the same 6-week probationary period.

The Montessori classroom is appropriate and beneficial for almost every child. However, Ronald Knox may not be able to provide the educational and supportive services or additional staff that some children may require.

It is important for parents to have a thorough understanding of the program in order to determine whether Ronald Knox will be the best environment for their child. Occasionally, additional work and reports from specialists will be required to place the child properly.

Decisions include factors which take into account the best interests of your child and of the other children in the classroom environment. Our aim is to create classrooms that are balanced in various aspects: age, gender, learning style, etc. The professionally trained Montessori faculty and the administration make the final determination and placement within our programs.

Special Status Applicants

All qualifying special status applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Special status will be granted in the following order:

• Students enrolled in a full-day program

• Currently enrolled students who are filtering into another Ronald Knox program (i.e. Toddler to Primary). 

• Prospective students with a sibling currently enrolled at Ronald Knox.

• Prospective students with a sibling who has graduated from Ronald Knox.

•  A Montessori Transfer is given priority to prospective students who attended another Montessori school. 

• Children of Faculty/Staff are granted to the children of current Ronald Knox employees.

• Legacy Status is granted to a child whose parent attended the entire three years of the Primary Program at Ronald Knox.

The administration of Ronald Knox reserves the right to make the final determination for session program placement. Additionally, many factors are considered in making admissions decisions, including:

• Children who meet social and emotional expectations as determined by the Ronald Knox Faculty and Staff.

• Parents who show a willingness to being informed, involved, and invested in Ronald Knox and the Montessori philosophy.

• Families committed to partnering with teachers and administration, and whose values are aligned with Ronald Knox’s mission.

• A long-term commitment to Ronald Knox.

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New & Returning Students

New Students

An acceptance letter, the tuition/family entrance fee invoice, enrollment contract and COVID waiver are mailed to new students upon acceptance into a program. The above must be returned by the date determined by Ronald Knox to hold the child’s place in the program(s) requested. All parents of students entering the school are required to submit the following prior to the first day of school:

• Current Health form (within 2 years)
• Lead Assessment Questionaire
• Eye Exam form (for kindergarten age children)
• Dental Exam form (for kindergarten age children)
• Copy of birth certificate
• Records from previous school, if applicable

Returning Students

During the re-registration phase that takes place in December, parents will need to go back into their child’s online registration to update the information. If re-registration is completed after the said due date, the student will lose their special status priority and the registration will be processed as a new family in the order received. Ronald Knox will not be able to hold spaces for students whose registration is completed after the said due date.

The deadline for special status enrollment priority (prospective students with a sibling who is currently enrolled or a graduate) is December 15. Any applications for siblings received after the said date will be processed in the order they are received.

The tuition invoice, family entrance fee invoice (if applicable) and enrollment contract are mailed to returning students in January. The first tuition installment, family entrance fee, and enrollment contract must be returned to Ronald Knox by the date determined by Ronald Knox to hold the child’s place in the program(s) requested for the following school year. Ronald Knox will not be able to hold spaces for students whose first tuition installment and enrollment contract has not been received by said date. Ronald Knox strongly believes that the third year or the kindergarten year of the Primary Program is of the utmost importance. This is the year that completes the cycle of learning and development that began in the first two years. Being one of the oldest in the room, the child experiences a year of tremendous growth in self-confidence and self-esteem. When your child is accepted into the Primary Program, it is with the expectation that he/she will stay for the completion of the program.

Tuition Payments and Family Entrance Fee

Tuition payment(s) and the $1,000 Family Entrance Fee* are due in January and in September of the calendar year of enrollment.

• If a child enters mid-year, tuition payment(s) and Family Entrance Fee are due within two weeks of acceptance.

• Classroom placement information is sent in August, along with opening of school information.

*Each new family entering Ronald Knox at the Toddler/Primary level is required to pay a $1,000 Family Entrance Fee. This is a one-time payment of $1,000 collected either when a new student enters the Toddler Program for the first time or when a child graduates from the Parent Child program into the Toddler program.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a student at Ronald Knox. Like all independent schools, Ronald Knox conducts annual fundraising programs that contribute to the operating budget and provide direct funding to our education initiatives. At Ronald Knox we have two annual fundraising programs. The Ronald Knox Montessori Annual Fund, our annual fund appeal, and the annual Benefit which is an opportunity to raise funds to support and enhance the educational resources of the School. All parents are expected to participate in both of these important initiatives each year.

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Early Withdrawal Policy

Tuition payments are non-refundable because salaries and expenses related to maintaining the school for the entire year continue even when a child withdraws from the program.

Withdrawal before completion of the third year or the kindergarten year of the Primary program will result in the forfeiture of all priority status applications for siblings of the withdrawn child, even when a sibling is currently enrolled in the Parent Child and/or Toddler programs

Exceptions to this policy are limited to the following situations:

  1. Relocation out of state or another city not within a reasonable driving distance to Ronald Knox.
  2. Children with special needs with written documentation from a specialist.
  3. A replacement is enrolled in the program affected.

Termination of a Child’s Enrollment

Ronald Knox strives to help each child to adapt to the Montessori classroom. Every attempt is made to work not only with the child, but also with the parents, to achieve a positive adjustment. Ronald Knox may ask the parent to consult outside professionals if the situation warrants such action. In cases of serious misbehavior, severe separation anxiety, or where the classroom does not meet the needs of the child, permanent withdrawal from the school may become necessary.


Payment Schedule

The first tuition payment is due upon registration in January of the prior school year and the final payment is due in September of that school year. Families also have the option of paying in full in January.

Ronald Knox is committed to providing quality Montessori education.  Parents of first-year students should not assume that fees for the second and third years will remain the same.

Late Tuition Payment

Prompt payment of all tuition and fees is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the school. All financial obligations must be paid on or before the date they are due. Failure to do so may jeopardize a child’s enrollment. A late fee of $50 may apply for unpaid tuition 30 days after the due date. Requests to enroll for the upcoming school year may not be processed unless tuition and fees are current. Requests to forward records or write recommendations for other schools cannot be honored until all financial obligations are satisfied. If at any time you are unable to meet your financial obligations to Ronald Knox, please contact the Business Manager to discuss other arrangements.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Preferred payment of tuition is through an electronic bank transfer.  Paper checks are also accepted.  Credit cards may be used however a 2.5% convenience fee will be added to the invoice amount. 

Click below for the tuition schedule:

Tuition Schedule 2024-2025.pdf

Financial Aid

Resources are available to offer financial aid to a limited number of families who otherwise might be unable to continue benefiting from our educational programs.

Please contact the Business Manager regarding any financial aid questions.

To apply for financial aid, please visit our FACTS application page on our website.

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